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Your bathroom Project

Everyone wants privacy and comfort when using their bathroom facilities at home, however, this is often compromised when mobility is an issue. Many people can find their current bathrooms difficult to use and sometimes dangerous when alone, this often leads to family members or carers assisting when using the bathroom.

A well-designed shower room can be suitable for the whole family and eliminate the need for assistance in the bathroom. It can increase independence and safety and restore peace of mind and relaxation in the bathroom.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, telephone 01621 852220.  We would be happy to take you through the following stages, from the beginning to the end of the project, to transform your bathroom into a safe, comfortable and well designed space;

Initial assessment

We can visit you at home to discuss your project, FREE of charge and WITHOUT OBLIGATION. Whilst there we may take notes regarding your property, for example, we may need to look at the drainage, electrical arrangements and construction details etc. This will allow us to accurately specify the required work, and obtain accurate builders quotations later on in the process.

Budget Costs

Following the initial visit we will write to you to confirm an overall view of the works, and explain any costs / budget estimate for the project. The costs vary with each project as each house has different bathroom layouts and installation requirements.  Furthermore, every person has individual needs, ideas and design features to be incorporated, for example, tiled or vinyl flooring, full height or half height shower screen doors, wall tiling, grab rails, shower seats, etc.

Design and Specification

Once we have your agreement to proceed, we can prepare the Design Drawings and Specification of Works. These documents will detail all the necessary processes and items required to complete your bathroom project. They will be sent to you to amend or approve, as you require, after which we will obtain contractors prices.

Contractors Prices

The contractors will provide a Fixed Price Quotation that will be checked by us. Once the price is accepted we will arrange a pre-contract meeting where we can discuss the works and any other items that you may wish to consider whilst the builder is on site.


Works on site

Once the contractor starts work we will visit as required to inspect the works and oversee any queries that may arise. All our contractors are experienced with undertaking this type of work. They are known by us and are proven to be reliable, honest and trustworthy. We will act as the “Go-Between” to make sure the works are going to plan and that your requirements are being met. We also ensure that all costs are being controlled.

Sign off

When the job is complete we will carry out a final inspection to ensure the work is of a good standard and that we, and you, are satisfied. After completion the contractor is responsible for the work throughout the Defect Liability Periods, i.e making good any issues that arise within the following 12 months.  Plus you will be provided with manufacturers warranties for all equipment installed where appropriate.


Townsend Bowen Ltd specialise in management of your project from design to completion.

Feel free to call us to arrange a visit to your home;  tel 01621 852220


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